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Hi Everyone,
My name is Pauline Kelly and I would like to give you a short testimonial about MakeMoneyEven.
First, as Martin and Roger say all the time, you WILL make money on your Very First Day.

I didn’t know anything about how to make money online, but with their training and deep interest in helping others, I got better and better. They provide weekly training and they are always looking for other opportunities to help us make even more money.

So, if you have a desire to grow your income, and the dedication & commitment to apply and implement what you’ve learned, I encourage you take a look at this opportunity.
These guys are the best.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!
Pauline Kelly


I have been a member of Make Money Even since Day 1.
I actually became a VIP member right away.
I have found that Support resolves every issue as
quickly as possible.

The system works quite well for those who follow
the Training and Tips they provide.
I think you’ll make Good Money with Make Money Even,
There’s no doubt about it.

Follow the Training and Upgrade as soon as you can.
The amount of money you can earn will amaze and
astound you.

Thomas W


Make Money Even is a fantastic site. I have made well over $1600 in a very short time simply educating others on how you basically can earn money giving away a free membership. Think about it for a second! What site you know charges you a one time registration fee and then turns around and gives you an instant sign on bonus of the same amount of money you just invested. So already, you break even right out the gate with your very first commission coming from your own self recruitment. And that’s not all! MME has admins who are very responsive and will help you in any way they can for you to have success online. I am a proud member of Make Money Even and look forward to make even more money each and every month.
Marcus Miller – Triangle,Virginia

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Hello Friends! Charles Jones Here! Just wanted to take the time to thank the owners of Make Money Even (if You Don’t Want Too). For a person who hasn’t made money online, things have taken a %100 turn around since I joined this business. I have got over 4 sales so far and looking for many more! Thanks! Roger & Martin … your partner,
Charles Jones


Hey this is Jim Derr,

I really am glad that I decided to join Make Money Even!
It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I made money on my very first day, just like they said I would.
I have made even more money since then.
I actually became a VIP member right away.
You will make money with this program also. It is not difficult.

The Marketing Training you receive is nothing short of AMAZING!
Martin and Roger are two of the most knowledgeable guys to teach
you how to make money online with advertising.
Make Money Even is a great system. I would recommend this
program to anyone to join. It does not matter if you are experienced or not. Learn how to market online and make a ton of money!
I look forward to making money each and every month in Make Money Even (MME).

Make Money Even

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Hey Eveyone

I am an active VIP member of Make Money Even Martin and Roger are two very experienced marketeers who always produce top quality programs that actually do work and make people money.

I have to say this is one heck of a powerful program that will produce excellent results for anyone both newbies and the more experienced.”

I will be using this to build on my own and at the same time generating commissions without much effort on my part. If you want to make money as fast as humanly possible then this is a product that you cannot afford to miss period!!!!!!”
Do NOT hesitate to jump on this!I

Peter Lutz From Long Island


When I joined MME on Oct. 20,2018, I immediately received credit for $10 in my back office.
In addition, I began receiving $5 for every person I had introduced to MME over the prior several months.
By the end of the first week of MME being in operation, I had earned over 8 times (800%) the amount it cost to join.
To this day, I continue to spread the word about MME over social media and through various safelists I’m a member of. Consistency is key.

MME=Make Money Even….or Makin’ My Endz!
Marvin Fauntroy

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I completely failed – UNTIL THIS!

Trying to make a steady income online for years,failed 99.9% and
lost hundreds of dollars!
Not anymore;MME revealed how to actually create a steady monthly income.
MME also includes FREE valuable training to help you do just that!
Since DAY ONE I have been making money,and YOU can too!

The concept of MME is simple!
MME works because Martin and Roger are extremely reliable, loyal, and excellent to to team up with.
These guys are right on top of their game for the Work At Home industry.
You will NEVER have your valuable time wasted by the clowns that are ALL OVER the Internet!
Not only is MME super brilliant but the programs they have teamed up with are
also well selected.
Very thrilled about the new launch of GDLC (Gauranteed DownLine Club) in the New Year.

Thank You,


MME is one of the simplest programs I have been in and you are
guaranteed to earn money.
I spent $10 and made it back many times within the first few days.

To date, I have earned $280 and have upgraded to VIP.
I recommend this program to newbies and people who have been
struggling to earn online.

Ed Newman

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