Hello,My name is Bruce Tyler...I have been working online for 20 years and would like

    to share with you a few thoughts.The Home Business world has changed a lot and 

    yes it has gotten a bit harder to make money,but I know if you find the right programs

     people are still interested and want to get involved.Some people think if you have 

     to pay a fee then it must be a scam.This is not true at all,any real business is going

to have start up costs.When someone creates a business and offers you a website and a chance to make money,

you are very lucky as this person has spent $1000's getting set up and you will probably spend less than $50..I 

look at working online as a hobby,it's fun to advertise your business and watch the results,making money and always

staying positive.Financial Freedom is like the American dream,it's something everyone thinks about,No I'm far from

being rich,I don't drive exotic cars but I do live where I want and live a good life thanks to working all my life and always

making a few extra bucks online.I live in Sunny Florida and love sitting out by the pool with my laptop or phone and 

seeing how much money I made the day before.Once you earn your first few dollars online you are hooked.Most people

wait til they are broke..then want a program that makes them rich,Wrong attitude my friend...Start your business when you 

have a few extra bucks and life is going well.Think positive and be honest with yourself.If you do nothing to better your 

situation you can expect nothing to change.It's up to you to make the first move.Today is the day my friend...Just 

remember to have fun with any venture you  start up and not to get worried if you don't make money for a few days or weeks.

The money will come..it always does...Good Luck my Friends

Bruce Tyler

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